Evocation of Mood

October 10, 2011



Below are two paintings by Monte that successfully depict his goal of creating mood within his two-dimensional artwork.  In interviews and when speaking of his artwork, Monte mentioned his desired preference to portray a particular mood in his pieces in contrast to that of reproducing pieces that relied upon detail.

In the first piece, rays from either a rising or a setting sun can be seen filtering through dark clouds as Pintail ducks fly over a back water lake.

Later in his life, Monte tried to use the Pintail ducks from this illustration with other backgrounds to attempt to create other pieces of reproducible artwork for commercial reasons.

In the bottom piece, Monte created an illustration of waterfowl flying over a cold, dark, scene depicting the presence of winter.




3 Responses to “Evocation of Mood”

  1. Anonymous said

    Was Monte left handed? Probably dropped his right hand on the desk and drew it right there. Maybe another reason for his getting into the arts was a very active right brain directly connected to that left hand

  2. Rosh E. said

    not anonymous. It’s Rosh

  3. monteellis said

    Monte was right handed. I never paid attention that the hand in that drawing is a right hand.

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