Monte’s Christmas Creations In One Post

December 15, 2011

Below are seven Christmas related pieces created by Monte.  Most have previously been published before, but are being re-posted in a single entry.

As mentioned earlier, each Christmas season, Zelma, Monte’s mother, would hang the below image of an intoxicated Santa next to the living room light switch in her and John Ellis’ Monterey, IL living room.

Below is an image of an adult Jesus.  The origin of this imagine is unknown.

Below is a light, playful sketch of Santa confronting a hunter after the hunter has killed one of his reindeer.  Note below this sketch is a parody of a figure grasping Donald Duck within his fist. These two images are indicative of Monte’s biting, sarcastic humor.

An especially timely image for this part of the year.

This could be Monte’s depiction of Santa and his elves in celebration after a hardworking December 24th.

2 Responses to “Monte’s Christmas Creations In One Post”

  1. Anonymous said

    Thanks for sharing Monte’s Christmas images! They are fascinating as much of his work is.

  2. monteellis said

    Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

    Because of Monte’s views on religion, It would be very interesting to have known the origin behind the adult Jesus painting.

    Possibly, the origin of the birth of Christ depiction could have been related to some sort of commercial venture or paid rendition.

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