Back to the show…..

January 7, 2012

A few weeks ago a computer issue resulted in the collapse of the cataloging which separated Monte’s posted artwork and his yet to be posted artwork.  Images have again been segregated, however, if images are re-posted it will not be intentional unless explained so.

Below is a detailed pencil drawing by Monte.  If one recalls, while this image is similar to one recently posted, it is different.

In the above image, the bird of prey is flying to the right of the tree, while in the previous image not only is the flight to the opposite direction, but the bird of prey is more detailed.

Below is another pencil drawing similar to other drawings by Monte involving large trees, a winter time setting and small animals.


3 Responses to “Back to the show…..”

  1. Who owns the copyright to these drawings now? Are they available for use? I’d like to use one maybe for a calendar.

    • monteellis said


      I am the son of Monte Ellis and own the copyrights to his artwork.

      Please send more information about what you have in mind.

      Thank you for looking at the blog.

      Eric Ellis

      • Hi Eric,
        I’m a graphic designer and I thought I might be able to incorporate some of his trees in a calendar I am designing for a non-profit organization. I wouldn’t be able to offer any cash, but I could put his name on it and your copyright. Here’s a link showing some of my work on a previous design:
        The newest calendar theme is “roots” and I’d like to incorporate some beautiful trees in the design. Let me know if you are interested or not. Thanks. Beautiful work!

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