1970’s Gifts From Monte

January 21, 2012

During the 1970’s Monte created a small count series of re-printed, limited edition pieces and would give them away as gifts.  On some of these he would add original enhancements such as lightly adding color to add to their value and to include a more personal touch.  Some he would frame and others he provided in a greeting card format.

Of the illustrations, it appears there were only four distinct pieces.  The illustrations started out as pencil drawings and then were printed in ink.


When it comes to the waterfowl appearing in Monte’s pieces, Mallards, Canada Geese and Pintails make frequent appearances.  Early on, one other duck Monte frequently used was the Wood Duck.  As time went on for unknown reasons, Monte lessened his use of the very colorful Wood Duck.  Fortunately, Monte choose not to produce any piece including Coots/Mud Hens (he also would gladly point out Coots/Mud Hens were really not “ducks” as many thought and if you ever heard anyone refer to a Canada goose as a “Canadian” goose, the person was not to familiar with waterfowl).



Below is the pencil rendition of the Mallard ducks in the above illustration.  Note the cut out portions listing the information about the illustration and affixed for printing.



Below is an additional draft very similar to the above illustration.  While the imagery is similar, a more careful examination will reveal differences.  Also, as mentioned before, Monte did not place these illustrations side by side and copy preferred details.  He revealed in interviews and conversations many of his artistic creations came from actual observed imagery, places and things.

An examination of the bottom two illustrations will reveal the closer one looks, the more differences that can be seen.

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