Additional Information on Previous Items

January 29, 2012

Originally it was posted the below image was thought to be an experiment of Monte’s involving the blending of different types of art mediums in the hope of creating a process that would allow the easily reproduction of his artwork.  At one point, Monte was hoping to be able to take different images of his artwork and try to blend them to create other pieces.

The below piece is actually something he created for a large format pamphlet for Duck’s Unlimited in 2004.

Below is an earlier posted pastel of Monte’s.  Again, the similarities and dissimilarities of the two trees is striking.  There is a possibility the above image was reproduced from the below image and Monte added dissimilarities to the two trees and added the  Mallard Hen and Drake.

2 Responses to “Additional Information on Previous Items”

  1. Anonymous said

    Monte painted the things I photograph. I wish I could paint like this. Simply lovely. Color and light intertwine to make it come to life.

  2. Barbara Bridges said

    Where is the light switch for this cabinet?

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