Below are two paintings of Canada Geese.  The top painting is an early painting done by Monte possibly sometime during the middle or late 1960’s.  In photographs from Big Lake, this painting can be seen hanging in the back ground.  This painting was never sold by Monte and due to his own critical eye, he probably preferred it that way.


Below is a later Canada Geese painting in a winter setting.  Monte’s artistic progression can clearly be noticed in this illustration.


Mountain Pastels

February 11, 2012

As noted earlier, in the 1970’s Monte was able to take several canoe trips to Canada and one to the Arctic Circle.  His family also had relatives with a cabin in Idaho and often Monte’s parents would take vacations through various mountain ranges in the US.

While the theme is similar of both pastels, the illustrations are different.  Also, as with Monte’s use of singular, vulnerable animals in his artwork, these two pieces appear to repeat a similar concept, but this time with small trees being dwarfed by mountains.

These two pieces also illustrate Monte’s success in his use of the color blue.  In his other paintings, when seen in person, the blue sky of a fall day appears quite realistic, while in these two pastels, his use of the color blue evokes a feeling of cold outdoor scenes.