Fifty Years Ago An Angel Was Born

March 8, 2012

On Thursday, March 8, 1962 at 5:29 P.M., Kathy Angela Ellis was born.  Kathy was born premature at three pounds, thirteen ounces and was the oldest of two children.

According to Sharyl, Monte’s mother Zelma had told her she was always fond of the name “Kathy” and if she had had a daughter of her own, she would have named her “Kathy”.

Of course, Kathy was Monte and Sharyl’s little angel.  Just like any child to a parent, Kathy was very special and had a great influence on both her parents.  Kathy always had a tender heart, a nurturing personality and put almost all others before herself.  She was also her own her greatest critic.

While growing up at Big Lake, one time Kathy and her younger brother Eric found a bottle of baby aspirin.  Thinking the tablets were candy, Kathy, being the older sibling, divided up the sugary tablets.  Due to her unselfish generosity even at that age, she gave Eric two pills to her one.  Both children ate their share and ended up in the hospital.  The tube used for pumping stomachs was too large for Eric’s nostrils and caused bleeding.  Over the years this story was told many times and mostly to illustrate Kathy’s caring of others, even when misbehaving.

When it came to Monte’s artwork, Kathy pushed Monte as hard as anyone could.  For a lengthy period of time she also helped Monte craft his wildflowers, which would have went on even longer if Monte had not become ill with colon cancer.

For a long time, Kathy also had a moderating influence on Monte and his behavior.  As with Zelma, a stern rebuke from Kathy could straighten Monte’s path, but unfortunately for just a period of time.  Eventually, Monte would return to his stubborn ways and late in life travel about any path he desired beyond almost anyone’s rebukes.

There is no doubt Kathy was crucial to Sharyl’s own life and was the spark that kept her going.  Through much of her later life, Sharyl was stricken with a variety of illnesses and through these illnesses it was clear she obviously found much of her energy to carry on through her daughter.

Kathy passed away in 2005.  She was forty-three years old.


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