To Some, A Bland Illinois Landscape

March 17, 2012

When it came to Monte’s artistic inspiration, he was fortunate enough to be exposed to landscapes and scenery that enhanced his pieces and allowed his recreation of nature scenes of a wide variety.  And while these dramatic places included places like the Grand Teton Mountains, Canada, Alaska and the Smoky Mountains, many other dramatic visuals came from views within Central Illinois.

Monte grew up in and around the Illinois River Bottoms.  While many may think views within the river bottoms mainly consist of Silver Maple trees and brackish waters, for those that would look more carefully, more remarkable observations might be made.

And whether in color or black and white mediums, Monte tried to create emotive illustrations to reflect his visual experiences.

Below is an early pencil drawing of waterfowl fighting stormy weather and rough water on a dark day.

Below is a painting with contrasting colors, depicting how Monte may have seen a fall day from his views around Big Lake.

Below is another fall depiction of waterfowl in flight with a dramatic sky background.  Monte would have seen views such as this many time either from his days as a duck hunting pusher or as the site manager at Big Lake.

While Monte remarked plenty of times about the scenery of Central Illinois, he was still able to draw inspiration from the natural world he was able to observe throughout his life.

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