April 15, 2012


When it comes to Monte’s artwork, one of the most regretful aspects is not knowing the origins of many of his pieces.  Monte did not keep records or notes of what inspired his pieces or where his ideas came from.  Other than his own explanations or pieces where origins were clear, the story of many pieces will remain unknown.

In this posting are a series of playful animal caricatures.   Several of the images were posted earlier.  The history of these images is not known.

In one series Monte created raccoon, squirrel, deer and rabbit characters.


The images could have been created for a possible freelance opportunity or another unknown purpose.


It is also possible the images were created by Monte to show his wide range of artistic ability.  The below colored image was located in an old portfolio binder kept by Monte.

Monte’s caricature pieces also are examples of how caricature or humorous artwork is not as simple as it may look.  The thought and ability that goes into the creation of these pieces includes more than just throwing a bunch of lines and curves together in a haphazard manner.


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