Throughout the entries of this blog, repeated emphasis has been put upon Monte’s perceptions of nature and his struggles regarding the natural world, man’s relationship with the natural world and his own love of the natural world.

In America where many believe the collective arts do not receive the attention and care they deserve, artists like Monte had a difficult time expressing exactly what the arts meant to him and of how important, time consuming and taxing the pursuit of his endeavor entailed.   Monte often felt the effort to explain such a drive would fail to resonate with many people and chose to invest such efforts with only those he felt were receptive to understand his drives.

For a drunken hunter to approach Monte in a tavern and ask what he would charge to paint a picture of his dog with a retrieved, dead waterfowl in its mouth for pittance and as if he were doing Monte a favor, was a clear example of the lack of depth needed to understand an artists’ drive toward creating art.

Recently, in the June 2012 Sun Magazine, an interview with painter Ran Ortner was published. Mr. Ortner paints illustrations of the ocean.  The opening pictures in the Sun Magazine interview are so vivid, at first the paintings look like photographs.

Unfortunately, the Sun Magazine does not make the entire interview available for online readers, however, a large portion of the interview is available through the above link.

A reading of Mr. Ortner’s interview is highly recommended for a variety of reasons.  One being it captures the passion of a true artist.  Additionally, it describes his own struggle and journey to creating art and lastly, through the interview, Mr. Ortner aptly describes what subjects of an artist mean to an artist.


Thumbing through Monte’s rough sketches demonstrate possible one time planned pieces, schematics and some ideas that were and were not followed up on.  Below are various pencil sketches of ranging from rough art to potential display ideas. 


The collected images below appear to be pencil drawing thumbnails of Monte’s artwork for that of a possible advertising brochures for his pieces of art.  If one enlarges certain images, particular pieces might be recognized from previous postings.



Most likely the image below is an imagined layout Monte drafted for some sort of an employment interview.

Rough sketches of birds.