Two Early Paintings

October 6, 2012

Below are two of Monte’s early paintings.  The first is of two foxes and the earliest of the two. This image shows a distinct style observed in Monte’s earliest works.  It is unknown who owns this painting and most likely, it is a painting Monte would have like to have reacquired due to his discerning eye and the imperfections he would have perceived in the image.

The second image is an unfinished painting Monte did not complete due to unknown reasons.  Often times, Monte would start paintings, then set them aside and either never work on them again or come back and make changes or additions.

Often, Monte would study his hanging pieces of artwork and make mental notes of changes he would like to make and from time to time make those changes.  Other times, he would dwell on the changes and never make them.  It is possible this was on purpose so he would have an excuse not to sell a particular piece of artwork.

One Response to “Two Early Paintings”

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