Unanswered Questions

October 20, 2012

As earlier mentioned, during the last half of the 1970’s, Monte purchased a cabin along the Illinois River on the Banner Dike Road.  Around this same period, he also purchased a large printing press and had the printing press in the kitchen to this cabin.

In hopes of creating a method to easily reproduce his artwork for a consistent stream of revenue, Monte created lithographs and other artistic items for printing.

Below are lithograph created images from this period.  For some reason, Monte created the first image with only a buck deer.  Later he added a doe and made other modifications to the illustration.

If one looks closely enough, finer detail has been added to the second illustration.

It is not known why he decided to make these changes and, again, the changes could have simply been due to his never-ending critical eye and manner of self-critique.

Below is a previously published image of the flimsy, uneven walk way leading from the Banner Dike Road to Monte’s cabin, formerly known as the Riverbank Gallery. The wooden slats and walkway would bounce when walked upon.

It would have taken brave souls to help Monte move a large printing press over this walkway.

It can’t be recalled where Monte purchased the printing press or what he did with it when the State of Illinois ceased issuing leases for the cabins along the Banner Dike Road and demanded cabin owners tear down and remove the remains of their property.


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