Monte and the Fall

October 31, 2012

Autumn was probably Monte’s favorite season.  One reason, of course,was the abundance of all the vibrant colors during this time of the year.  Often times, fall settings were observed in Monte’s pieces and allowed him to create wonderful contrasts of color of this time of the year.

Below is an reposting of an oil painting of a buck deer standing in a stream near an old, withered tree during the fall.  Monte could never bring himself to sell this painting and one gentleman gave Monte a standing offer if he ever would decide to sell the painting.

He never did.

Oddly though, near the end of his life Monte felt more comfortable staying near his home while when a younger man, he did enjoy travels over highways and country roads during the time of peak fall colors.  These travels included the annual Spoon River Drive and trips to Galena, Illinois.

Another aspect of his enjoyment of the fall dealt with the migration of waterfowl in the Big Lake area.  When environmental factors were just right, during times of migration, large numbers of waterfowl would make a stop in a farmer’s field along the Banner Dike Road known as the Prairie Lane Road area.

Fall also meant the time to start beautification projects around the Banner home.  This included adding decorative spindles to the front porch of the Ellis home and mixing colors to add color to wood trim and other parts of the Ellis home in preparation for the upcoming winter, which meant a time of gray and little color.



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