Previous postings have discussed Monte’s attempt to create artwork faithful to how he observed nature and wildlife in the natural world. Again, Monte expended a great deal of energy and many, many attempts to try to recreate imagery, not only as how he directly observed it, but how his mind recalled it.

In previous entries, illustrations have been posted which showed Monte’s attempts of doing so by blurring the wings of landing waterfowl and by recreating the different curvatures of the wings of in flight waterfowl.

The first painting deals with waterfowl off in the distance and how they would visually appear.  An assumption can be made from knowledge of Monte’s past behavior, if given the opportunity, he would probably have ended up painting over the waterfowl in this painting due to his strict standards and allowed it to be a stand alone landscape painting.

Painting, Geese, Moutain Dark Sky scene, fixed damage, DSCF0154



The bottom painting is another painting illustrating waterfowl from a distance, but this time in a migrating “V” pattern.

Oddly, the bottom painting was an earlier illustration than the top painting and more likely to have been acceptable to Monte and remain in its original form.

Painting, Geese, over water, cut through brush, DSCF0166