An interesting question to ask Monte would have been about his decision to not utilize the Wood Duck in more of his artistic creations, especially when the male Wood Duck is one of the more colorful of waterfowl.

When it came to waterfowl depictions, throughout his artistic career, the number of Monte’s pieces appeared to favor Mallards, Pintails and Canada Geese.  Monte’s use of the Wood Duck is mostly seen during his earlier pieces.  Of the images posted here, it is possible the Wood Duck decoy carving is possibly the latest of his creations.

Of his sculptures or three-dimensional pieces, the only recalled one of a Wood Duck is of the created decoy below.

Carved Wood Duck

Below is a photograph of an early painting a pair of Wood Ducks and most likely one Monte grew to dislike through the years of his improving artistic progression.

Art, Photo, Early Wood Duck painting, 650

Below is another image of an early Monte painting depicting a pair of Wood Ducks in flight. The style of this painting is reminiscent of the portrayal style once he once used and later discarded.

In family photographs when the Monte Ellis family lived at Big Lake, this painting can be seen hanging on the wall.

Wood Ducks in flight, 172


Below is another Wood Duck painting by Monte.  In this painting he has recreated the imagery of a marsh-like scene favored by Wood Ducks.

This image was also used for the cover of the Peoria Journal Star’s Weekender insert on Sunday, October 23, 1971, which also included an accompanying article about Monte.

Wood Duck painting, pair


Below is a rough pencil sketch on a possible future Wood Duck piece.

Pencils, rough draft, pair Wood Ducks, Art028


Below are two photographs of two more early Wood Duck paintings by Monte.

Male wood duck

Male wood duck, 107