Monte’s Pen and Lithographs

July 6, 2013


Above is a lithograph image of Canada geese in flight. Later in his attempt to modify earlier creations, Monte tried adding very subtle shades of color in hopes to enhance his artwork.

Below is an image illustrating Monte’s experimentation with developing an easier way to reproduce his artwork. Later in his life, Monte would try adding additional items, such as the bird, to previously finished pieces.

Ink, experiment, reproduction, tree, with bird, IMG_1323

Ink, tree, IMG_1324

Ink, Trees, Art033

Below is a very detailed ink drawing of a bare tree. In interviews and comments, Monte was not shy regarding his view of overwhelming detail in contrast to pieces with what he considered possessed more feeling and passion.  Though he thought too much detail would become the focus in pieces, he also was known to state, his artwork creations were based on what his eyes saw and how his brain processed what he had seen.

Pen, Tree, No leaves, 017


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