More on Monte’s Phenomenal Reproductive Mind

October 26, 2013

Below are two illustrations by Monte.  In an earlier posting of deer illustrations, two images were posted to provide an example of his creative mind when it came to producing illustrations of subject matter he had observed in his life.

As pointed out before, and it bears repeating, Monte commented on how a great deal of his creative artwork was based on items he had directly observed in nature with his own eyes.

In the two illustrations of Mallard ducks in flight, both include a leafless willow tree, muskrat dens and other waterfowl in the background.  Because Monte was known to make changes to his illustrations, at first glance, these two illustrations appear to be the same illustration, only that one is more refined than the other.

Early prototype of Mallards, Duck Island Marsh, 335Mallards, 269On closer examination, while very surprising similarities can be observed, it can be determined these are two different illustrations.

Below is a side by side comparison of a Mallard duck from each illustration. Note the difference in the shape of the heads, the position of the feet and the difference in the lower wings. There are even differences in the branches of the trees.  Still, the imagery is very similar.  000Mallardcomp

Below is a side by side comparison of a tree branch from each illustration.  Again, while both are uncannily similar, both are different in many aspects.

000branchcomIt is almost as if Monte’s mind would take a snapshot of images in nature, then file it way for later recall and recall with stunning detail.




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