In a short interview with Lou Reed near the end of his own life, he talks about sound & music.  It is a very fascinating interview & his comments are similar to how Monte would talk about his art.  Monte would comment about how he “saw” things, but often times he lacked the words to aptly describe how he saw things.  Some times, he simply could not put into words descriptors that could allow others to understand how he “saw” imagerys.

It was previously pointed out, one time in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s, Monte encountered a young, freelance wildlife photographer who had images of his published in National Geographic magazine. Monte had seen one image & something about that image did not ring true with Monte’s mind.  Though it can’t be recalled what it was, Monte had been informed that some sort of computer tweaking had been done to this image.  That is how Monte “saw” imagery, but could not explain it well.

It’s similar to how Lou Reed talks about sound in this short interview, but in this interview, he explains sound pretty well.