Whereabouts Unknown

December 27, 2014

Because Monte did not keep detailed data on his artwork, many pieces not only have not been graphically documented, but neither has it been recorded who has purchased these pieces.

Below is a black and white photograph of Monte’s North American Elk painting as published in the Canton Daily Ledger in 1980.  Below is a color photograph taken by Monte of the elk in the photo, but not of the entire painting.

It is not known who purchased this painting.

Art, Picture of Elk painting, CDL 4-15-80

The Elk, 125 touched up

Below is an oil panting of a horse by Monte.  The owner of this painting is also unknown.  This painting has been previously published and as noted before, it most likely was completed when Monte was painting portraits for money.

Monte was not that fond of producing pieces of domestic animals.

Comissioned horse painting, 124

Prior to his death, Monte remarked an area gallery possessed pieces of his work on a consignment basis, however, the art gallery had since closed and it’s remaining pieces sold and those spoken to stated they were unaware of such pieces.

Monte never received remuneration for these pieces.