On April 11, 2011, an email was received from a very considerate auctioneer revealing an original painting of Monte’s was due to be in an auction not far from Chicago, IL on April 3o, 2011.  Information in the email included photographs of the painting, Monte’s signature and his business card on the back of the painting.

On the given day of the auction, the painting was successfully bid on and is now in the possession of Monte’s son, Eric.

Below is a photograph of the painting.


This is a video taken by Jane Garrison Ward and from her blog Walk With Me regarding natural areas in Illinois.  For those that enjoy wildlife and local natural areas, it is strongly recommended to visit her site.

The below video is remarkable and something people should see to realize the abundance of wildlife that can be found in this area.

As noted earlier, Monte was quite excited about the restoration of this area and would have greatly enjoyed the current status of the area and how large of an area the water has now covered.

Years ago, from time to time when a cornfield south of a Banner along the Banner Dike Road would become flooded during migratory periods, waterfowl would gather and produce a similar show, but not to the scale seen in J. Ward’s video from Emiquon.

A Fox Pastel

April 18, 2011

More humor from Monte

April 16, 2011

As seen in earlier postings, from time to time Monte would create parodies involving issues of local interest and of people known to him.

The first illustration involves the decision of Fulton County officials to accept sludge from the Metropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago (MSD).  Fulton County officials agreed to receive Chicago sludge for economic reasons and theoretically to assist in the reclaiming of ravaged strip-mined land located in Fulton County.  The sludge was transported to Fulton County by barges on the Illinois River down to Liverpool, IL and then pumped eleven miles through a twenty inch pipeline to the areas to be reclaimed (see, New Scientist, August 29, 1974, p. 544).

Below is a drawing which includes local characters known to Monte during his time at Big Lake.

The image below is of one of Monte’s brothers during a stint in the army.

The last image is another parody drafted by Monte during his tenure at Big Lake and of people who frequented the area over the years.

The Final Wildflower

April 3, 2011

Above, a Star of Bethlehem, is the final wildflower from Monte’s collection.